New Release – The Warrior


New release featuring Steven Elliot and Larry Miller

New release featuring Steven Elliot and Larry Miller

This new 2017 release by Tobias Gebb is a slow psychodelic rock song featuring a double guitar solo by Steven Elliot (Norah Jones) and Larry Miller. All of us in some way or another can take on the roll of a warrior. Whether it’s fighting to put food on the table and paying the rent, fighting to stay afloat in a competitive career, fighting a disease, depression or death, we can all end up feeling like we are facing the end, whether real or imagined. When faced with a situation like this, sometimes we “do things we don’t choose”, as one of the repeated lyrics states.

New Holiday Recordings by Tobias Gebb and Trio West

triowestxmasalbumvol3 Composer Tobias Gebb releases new recordings to add to the collection of holiday songs by his band Trio West. This time the trio backs up vocalist Champian Fulton on two new original Christmas songs. The song ‘Christmas Imagination’ also features tenor saxophonist Ron Blake and is reminiscent of the infamous recording ‘Gets and Gilberto’ which features the well-known standard Girl From Ipanema.

Tobias Gebb live on WBGO with Gary Walker

The number one jazz station in America, WBGO, invited Tobias Gebb to do a 1 hour interview with the infamous jazz disc jockey Gary Walker. They featured new music from the latest release ‘Tobias Gebb and Unit 7 – Free At Last’ and discussed Tobias’s life growing up in New York City.