Washington Heights (WaHi) Jazz Festival!! March 10th

WaHi Jazz Fest! March 10th, 2018 at Le Cheile (181st and Cabrini)

Please come out and join the upper-Manhattan community celebrate their first official jazz festival! There will be 11 bands playing from 11:30am until 11pm on March 10th at Le Cheile (839 W 181st St, New York, NY 10033)

My group ‘Tobias Gebb’s Hard Bop Pop‘ will be playing from 2:15 to 3pm. The band will feature:

Stacy Dillard – Tenor Saxophone, George H. Micheal – Alto Saxophone, Ugonna Okegwo – bass and Eldad Zvulun – Piano.

Come hear our band play some classic hard bop jazz as well as some reinterpreted rock/pop songs such as Cashmire and Walk Like an Egyptian.

For more information go the Wahi Jazz Festival page

New Song Release – So Long Song by T.Gebb

So Long Song – listen on Song Blog Page

Saying goodbye can be painful but it can often mean new beginnings. This is something to celebrate. Recently both of my brothers made big life changes and moved away and this was the inspiration for So Long Song. Also embedded in this song is the idea that when we pass away it is also just a temporary goodbye because our soul energy doesn’t die.

My old friend Larry Miller provided some great guitar tracks for this song. Thanks Larry!

We’ll Meet Again – Dedicated to Amber Gebb


Happy Valentine’s Day to Amber Gebb

Based on the theory of multiple-lives or reincarnation, the new song We’ll Meet Again is a love song for the ages. Written when I was falling madly in love with my soulmate Amber, it is a love song from the perspective of living many lives on earth, each time wondering how and when fate will bring us together again. The book Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, MD is about the therapy sessions of his patients, all of whom have unique dreams and ‘memories’ of past lives on earth. They remember or know things that they shouldn’t remember or know. How could this be?

New Release – The Warrior


New release featuring Steven Elliot and Larry Miller

New release featuring Steven Elliot and Larry Miller

This new 2017 release by Tobias Gebb is a slow psychodelic rock song featuring a double guitar solo by Steven Elliot (Norah Jones) and Larry Miller. All of us in some way or another can take on the roll of a warrior. Whether it’s fighting to put food on the table and paying the rent, fighting to stay afloat in a competitive career, fighting a disease, depression or death, we can all end up feeling like we are facing the end, whether real or imagined. When faced with a situation like this, sometimes we “do things we don’t choose”, as one of the repeated lyrics states.

New Holiday Recordings by Tobias Gebb and Trio West

triowestxmasalbumvol3 Composer Tobias Gebb releases new recordings to add to the collection of holiday songs by his band Trio West. This time the trio backs up vocalist Champian Fulton on two new original Christmas songs. The song ‘Christmas Imagination’ also features tenor saxophonist Ron Blake and is reminiscent of the infamous recording ‘Gets and Gilberto’ which features the well-known standard Girl From Ipanema.